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Top Signs You Need Concrete Removal And Replacement

Concrete removal and replacement is a costly, time-consuming process. It can be challenging if your concrete surfaces are in poor condition and need the attention of an experienced contractor. The experts at ABC Asphalt, Inc. in Loveland, CO, share five signs which indicate that you may need to replace or remove your concrete.

1) Missing Chunks

The excessive absence of concrete chunks speeds up pavement deterioration. If you notice missing concrete in a significant portion of your driveway, it’s likely the surface has been severely compromised and needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

2) Increase in the Frequency of Repairs

Like all products, the concrete surface has a shelf life, after which it will begin to deteriorate. If you have had the same concrete for a while and are experiencing increased repairs, then perhaps your surface is worsening faster than usual.

Frequent repair affects your concrete’s appearance, not to mention it’s an inconvenience. If you’re in this situation, call a professional for concrete replacement as soon as possible.

3) Aging Pavement

Although concrete surfaces can last up to 25 years, they can age quickly due to adverse weather conditions and rough use. If you have a concrete driveway over 15 years old, it’s likely going to be in bad shape. Get a new one installed rather than investing time and money into repairing the surface.

When cracks begin to appear across your asphalt or pavement, don’t delay – call for professional help! Whether tiny fractures or wide gaps occur on your concrete due to cracking, always consult with an experienced contractor before things worsen. Cracks can lead to water seepage, which leads to deterioration of the foundation beneath the surface.

4) Sunken Areas

Cracks or sunken areas emerge when the land underneath the concrete sinks or shifts. This is often due to unstable soil, water damage, or tree root infiltration. If you spot any of these signs on your property, it’s essential to call for professional help right away, as the situation will only worsen over time.

5) Deep Cracks

Deep cracks on the concrete pavement are a sign of severe deterioration and will require immediate replacement. This type of damage often happens when the soil beneath the concrete loosens and causes it to collapse.

The unchecked growth of minor cracks and fissures often results in deep cracks that expose the foundation. This can be even more dangerous if you have a pool, as deep cracks around your home’s perimeter could cause the ground to give way and create an unforeseen hazard.

When replacing or removing concrete, always trust an experienced contractor. At ABC Asphalt Inc., we have years of experience in concrete removal and replacement. We’ve helped numerous commercial and residential clients in Loveland, CO, get the most of their pavement investment by offering concrete repair and maintenance services. Get a free estimate from our team today!