A sealcoat is a protective seal that coats your pavement with a sealant to prevent cracking and premature deterioration. It also protects against stains and spills from oil, water, chemicals, and other damaging components.

If you require a sealcoating service, ABC Asphalt, Inc. is here for you! We offer sealcoating services that will make your pavement look its best and last longer. Whether residential or commercial properties, we’re equipped to handle any size project, from minor repairs to significant developments.

Our sealcoating professionals are highly trained and experienced, so you know your project is being done by the pros who care about quality workmanship! In addition, we only use the best sealcoat materials in the market, so rest assure you will get excellent results every time!

Top Signs You Need to Sealcoat Your Pavement

  1. The sealant has worn off or been removed by heavy traffic or weathering;
  2. Cracks have formed, which can lead to water penetration under the sealcoat;
  3. The pavement color has changed due to exposure to the sun’s UV rays;

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