Concrete Flatwork & Finishing in Denver, CO

Concrete flatwork refers to any poured concrete surface that is laid horizontally. Typically, flatwork concrete finishing projects include walkways, sidewalks, foundational work, driveways, patios, and such. Though concrete is certainly one of the most expensive paving materials when compared to asphalt, its long-lasting nature and look make it a highly desirable choice for a lot of flatwork in Denver. One of the most popular flatwork concrete finishing projects we offer is ramp construction. Residential buildings in Denver may need disability access, while it’s of utmost importance that commercial spaces are consistently ADA-compliant. The Americans With Disabilities Act regulates mandates wheelchair and walking disability accessibility for parking lots and businesses, and if those areas aren’t properly maintained, it can lead to hefty penalties and or fines. If you think your building may need some additional work done, contact Denver’s flatwork experts at ABC Asphalt to set up a consultation for your concrete finishing project.

The Benefits of Concrete and Flatwork in Denver

Concrete flatwork in Denver might not have the aesthetic appeal of paved materials or bricks, but still comes with its own set of benefits. Pavers and bricks are more susceptible to settling and movement, especially when utilized in concrete finishing projects such as sidewalks and patios, which are often close in proximity to trees and other plant life with strong roots. Concrete is more resilient to roots and can withstand rain damage more capably than most paving materials. If the aesthetic appeal of other materials is holding you back from considering concrete as a viable flatwork option for your Denver residence, contact your local paving experts to inquire about silicone molds that can create patterns on concrete finishes. We also offer a wide variety of sealers that can alter the color of concrete, to give your concrete the flair that you desire. If you have any questions about a potential concrete flatwork concrete finishing project in the Denver Metro and surrounding areas, contact ABC Asphalt today to discuss your options.

35 Years of Quality Concrete Flatwork Services

At ABC Asphalt, we’ve brought the very best in concrete as well as asphalt repair, maintenance, and flatwork services throughout the Denver area for over 35 years. That’s over three decades of providing highly qualified and dedicated concrete flatwork services to the residents of Denver. The products and concrete flatwork services that we offer are sure to outmatch any other pavement construction company around. Our licensed contractors and professionals are ready and prepared to assist you with additional concrete flatwork services such as sealcoating, resurfacing and so much more. No other company is capable of providing you the durable, strong, or cost-effective asphalt and concrete services that we extend to the Denver area.