Asphalt Removal & Replacement in
Denver, CO


Many parking lots and driveways in Denver aren’t properly maintained or have poor drainage. After enough time has passed, erosion and use will ruin the asphalt, requiring a total replacement. If the pavement of your Denver area property is old or wasn’t correctly maintained to prevent natural decay, replacement may be your only option, as trying to refurbish the pavement may have little to no effect. Do-it-yourself pavement projects may not have been appropriately implemented, which could also lead to quicker pavement deterioration. Luckily, removal and replacement services can identify the underlying cause of your pavement’s deterioration. ABC Asphalt’s experts will also educate you on the various options you have for preventative care to make sure your replaced surface holds up much more efficiently. If you have asphalt on your property that needs to be removed or replaced, contact Denver’s ABC Asphalt for a project estimate and for our professional opinion.

Benefits of Removal & Replacement Services

Since removal and replacement are typically last resorts for Denver property owners, it’s also a complete solution that comes with all the benefits of a brand-new construction project. Removing or replacing your asphalt can be just as comprehensive as new construction, so you can guarantee that the previous issues you were experiencing with your paved surfaces will be eliminated. We will be able to discover as well as address any existing subgrade issues that need repair. Drainage issues will also be a thing of the past, as any blemishes we discover during our thorough evaluation will be no more, never again will you have to worry about water collecting on your asphalt surface and causing unchecked damage. In Denver, removal and replacement services are green and eco-friendly. This means all of the extracted asphalt will be reused as a part of our mixes, so you can rest easy knowing that your construction project won’t be causing added harm to the environment.

ABC Asphalt is Denver’s Choice for Replacement and Removal

When it comes to asphalt removal and replacement services in the Denver area, there’s only one company that has brought nothing but exceptional assistance for over 35 years. ABC Asphalt is undoubtedly Denver’s number-one choice for asphalt removal and replacement services, with experts who specialize in asphalt work, you can always count on a job well-done. Don’t let the struggles of finding the right Denver company for your asphalt removal and replacement services hinder your curb appeal any longer. Place your trust in the hands of ABC Asphalt in Denver today, and we’ll ensure you receive complete assistance from top to bottom when it comes to the options you need to take on that project.