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A Few Ways To Protect Your Asphalt Driveway In The Winter Season

During winter, your asphalt driveway might crack, it might get icy, or you may have trouble getting into your house because of how hard you have to shovel. There is nothing worse than a bumpy, rough asphalt driveway in the winter season. The cold weather causes cracks and fissures in the pavement, leading to an uneven surface that can make any car ride uncomfortable. It doesn’t have to be this way, though!

In this blog post, we’ll cover a few ways that you can protect your asphalt driveway from harsh winter conditions.

1) Fix Asphalt Cracks Before the Winter Season 

If you have asphalt cracks at the beginning of winter, they will only get worse when the cold weather sets in. It’s essential to fix the cracks by hiring professional contractors like ABC Asphalt, Inc. The freeze-thaw cycle that follows the winter season will harm your pavement; here are some steps you can take to save your pavement.

  • Fill small holes with rock salt and sand mixture.
  • Do not use too much water on your driveway during snow removal.
  • Cover exposed pipes or other utilities that might freeze if left as it is.

2) Plow or Shovel Snow Regularly 

It’s essential to clear your driveway of snow during the winter months. Your main goal should be to prevent snow accumulation on the asphalt driveway. Once the snow has been removed, it’s crucial to have a salt and sand mixture applied to your driveway for additional traction.

3) Sealcoat the Pavement

Sealcoating the pavement is an integral part of protecting your asphalt driveway. Sealcoat will protect the pavement from erosion and water penetration during harsh winter conditions. Sealcoating acts as insurance for the vulnerable sections of the pavement. Adding a protective layer makes the pavement stronger and ensures it can withstand the cold challenge waiting ahead.

4) Repair Your Pavement Before the Winter Season Begins

If there are any cracks on your asphalt pavement, then you should try and remove them before the winter season begins. If you don’t repair the cracks, ice and snow will fill them during these months. This can cause more damage to your pavement when the weather warms up and the ice thaws.

5) Estimate Holiday Traffic and Visitors

Commercial property owners must estimate the expected traffic before developing a winter protection plan. If you have many cars and trucks arriving at your location, you should consider having more salt on hand.

This is especially important for commercial businesses that do not close down during the winter months. They will see increased traffic entering their premises every day during this time, especially during the holiday season.

ABC Asphalt, Inc can help you with your winter pavement preparations in Loveland. We offer complete asphalt paving, maintenance, and repair solutions. Our asphalt services include full asphalt overlay, crack sealing, sealcoating, and maintenance. Schedule a free estimate from our team now and choose one to restore your pavement’s surface.