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5 Ways To Identify An Asphalt Paving Scam Before It Happens

Asphalt paving scams are on the rise. As a business or homeowner, it’s essential to be able to identify one before it happens. Unfortunately, these scams can be very convincing and often leave people with a bad taste in their mouths (literally and figuratively).

In this blog post, ABC Asphalt will discuss five ways to identify an asphalt paving scam before it happens. Hopefully, this information will help you avoid scamming and protect your hard-earned money!

Sign 01: The Contractor Comes At Your Door

Honest contractors are rarely willing to take time out of their hectic schedules to go door-to-door selling. They may volunteer their services completely unprompted if they chance to be in your neighborhood and observe that your asphalt driveway desperately needs repair, which is quite unusual.

If this occurs, you should always acquire past references and inquire about the property on which they were most recently working. If it’s someone you know, you can always get in touch with them.

Sign 02: Demanding Payment In Advance

Most contractors will not want full payment in advance. There’s generally some well-thought-out contingency payment plan in place. They’ll either ask you to pay in installments, such as one-third up front, one-third halfway through the task, and one-third at the end or you should be able to pay in full after the project.

If they require that you pay everything in cash up front, you should be cautious since there will be no paper trail to protect you if you are scammed. If at all possible, pay with a credit card or a check.

Sign 03: Lack of Identification Marks

Professional contractors frequently drive in work vehicles with a visible identification mark with their company’s emblem and carry their business cards. If the contractor cannot give proof of any of these elements, it should send major red flags to you.

Sign 04: There is No Written Contract from the Start

Another red flag that you’re being conned or going to get a low-quality job is the lack of a written and signed contract before any work is done. Contracts are in place to safeguard both the company and the client. Contracts define the expectations of both the contractor and the customer; without one, the deal’s terms are open to alteration.

Sign 05: Providing Low-Cost Competitive Pricing

Always be aware of contractors that promise bargain pricing for work that appears too good to be true. Often, you get what you pay for in these situations, and exceptionally cheap rates imply the utilization of lower-quality products and labor. In the long run, this will cost you much more in future damages and repairs.


It all comes down to being cautious, doing your study, and following your instincts in the end. Many reputable firms out there will lay asphalt that will endure for decades. Still, others will take your money and then vanish, leaving you with deteriorating asphalt pavement.

If you need a new asphalt pavement, “trust the pros” and have the most reputable paving company, ABC Asphalt, Inc, in Denver, CO, come out and offer you a free estimate for a pavement that will endure for years.