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11 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Seal Coating Contractor!

Sealcoating your driveway is a terrific way to protect it from the elements and extend its life. It is a big decision that should not be taken into light.

ABC Asphalt, Inc. has put together this list of questions to ask before hiring a seal coating contractor. You’ll find the perfect contractor for the job by asking these questions. So, what are you waiting for? Start asking away!

How long have you been in business?

You want to make sure you hire a contractor with experience. While there’s nothing wrong with hiring a new business, you’ll want to ensure they know what they’re doing. Inquire about their background and how long they’ve been in business.

Do you have insurance?

It is an important one. You’ll want to make sure the contractor you employ is fully insured. If anything goes wrong, you won’t be held liable. Ask for proof of insurance before hiring a contractor.

Do you offer a warranty?

You’ll want to make sure you’re getting a good product for your money. Inquire about the contractor’s warranty. This way, you know you’re covered if anything goes wrong.

Are you licensed?

It’s essential to make sure the contractor you hire is licensed. This way, you know they’re qualified to do the job. When dealing with a contractor, be sure to ask for documentation of their licensing.

Do you have any references I can call?

When making such a big decision, you’ll want to get input from others. Ask the contractor if they have any references you can call. If you do not know about the contractor’s prior work, this method allows you to learn firsthand about their experience.

What is your process?

It’s important to know what process the contractor uses. This way, you can be sure they’re using the best methods. Ask about their process and what kind of materials they use.

What is your price?

Of course, one of the most important questions to ask is about price. Make sure you get a detailed quote from the contractor before deciding.

How will you prepare my driveway for the seal Coating process?

Preparing the driveway is an important step in seal coating. If it’s not done properly, the sealant may not adhere correctly and could cause problems down the road. Before sealing, inquire about the contractor’s approach to preparing driveways.

What type of sealant do you use?

There are several sealants on the market, each with advantages and drawbacks. Some contractors may use a cheaper sealant that doesn’t last as long. Be sure to ask about the type of sealant they use so you can make an informed decision.

When can you start?

When you’ve decided to hire a contractor, the most important question is when they’ll be able to start. Ask about their availability and when they could begin working on your project.

How long will the job take?

Seal coating a driveway is not a quick job. It takes time to prepare the surface properly and apply the sealant. Make sure to inquire about the project’s anticipated duration so that you may schedule around it.

Sealcoating an asphalt pavement protects it from the elements and extends its life. If you require seal coating services, ask your contractor these questions to ensure you get the best possible service.

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